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Contact Us: +44 020 8445 6666

Silverstone Dark

The Silverstone collection is an amalgamation of scintillating craft and design, pre-empting contemporary architectural trends with adaptable porcelain pieces that work harmoniously in a variety of settings.

Positioned comfortably within the concrete slab genre, the Silverstone collection offers much more in detail and intricate character, with flashes of pebble shrapnel and fantastic stony tones.

The Silverstone is available in a wide variety of colours, thickness, sizes and finishes, therefore it is suitable for walls, floors and patios.

Colours: Dark | Grey | White | Taupe | Beige
Sizes: 30x60cm | 60x60cm |  80x80cm | 60x120cm | 120x20cm | 120cx120cm | 120x260cm | 160x320cm
Thickness: 6mm | 10mm | 20mm Anti-Slip
Surfaces: Matt Polished | Anti-Slip
Special Pieces and Patterns: 30x30cm Mosaic | 20x20cm Décor | 10x30cm Brickslips