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Contact Us: +44 020 8445 6666

Marmi Panda

The Marmi Panda is our boldest and most striking piece due to its highly recognisable black and white contrasting colours. The purity of the white is offset against thick bold black veins that divide the porcelain cleanly, in an almost ying-yang style.

This is a confident porcelain show piece and can take ownership of any surface. Its is a hugely popular porcelain piece for designers seeking to introduce bold character to their environment but must be used wisely due to its power presence.

This range is highly adaptable due to the large array of rectified sizes, mosaics and textures available. Also, available in large format slabs up to 2.6m length.

Sizes: 30x60cm | 60x60cm |  80x80cm | 20x120cm | 33x120cm | 60x120cm | 20x160cm | 80x160cm | 120x120cm | 120x260cm | 160x320cm
Thickness: 9mm | 6mm (extra large format)
Surfaces: Distressed Matt | Polished
Special Pieces and Patterns: Mosaic Mix 30x30cm | Losanga Mosaic 25.5,2x29cm | Skirting 6.5x120cm & 7x60cm | Brick Format 10x30cm | Chevron 26x30cm