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Contact Us: +44 020 8445 6666

Elisio Nero

The Eliso porcelain collection has achieved mercurial greatness within the Italian porcelain industry for its subtle excellence; often sought after but rarely achieved so flawlessly.

The Elisio Bianco is the star of this collection, and strides smoothly with timeless Carrara aesthetics in a modern contemporary fashion. Crystal white with a slight gentle warm tone, the Elisio Bianco is an unbelievably homely porcelain piece with pitch perfect elegance.

The admiration for the Elisio Bianco takes nothing away from the equally stunning Elisio Sabbia and Elisio Nero alternatives, which display the same free flowing characteristics. The Elisio Sabbia brings additional warmth to design with a dreamy regal aura, whilst the Elisio Nero adds a mysterious earthy authenticity to this wonderful porcelain range.

In Addition, the gold décor pieces offer ultimate stardust to this truly lavish collection, offering designers the freedom to inject opulence into their ideas and designs.

Sizes: 25cx75cm | 60x60cm | 60x120cm | 120x120cm
Thickness: 9.8mm | 10,5mm | 11mm
Surfaces: Natural | Polished
Special Pieces and Patterns: 30x30cm Mosaic | 60x60cm Gold | 25cmx75cm Gold Décor