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Contact Us: +44 020 8445 6666

Black Onyx Stone

Rarely does a black porcelain piece capture as much imagination as the Black Onyx Stone, produced in Italy by a highly prominent factory located on the edge of Maranello, the birthplace of Ferrari S.p.A. As if design is in the blood, the Black Onyx Stone has immaculate high definition detail that gives this ultra polished stone an astonishingly precious and authentic appearance.

Let us not forget; this is not a range of tiles, nor is the Black Onyx Stone available in different finishes. This is one design with one finish that stands alone amongst numerous marble collections and colours – and it’s Black! This typifies the confidence and bold attitude that the Black Onyx Stone exudes naturally.

For the many who are mesmerised by the Black Onyx Stone’s swagger, it is available in many rectified sizes.

Sizes: 25cx75cm | 60x60cm | 60x120cm | 120x120cm
Thickness: 9.8mm | 10,5mm | 11mm
Surfaces: Natural | Polished
Special Pieces and Patterns: 30x30cm Mosaic | 60x60cm Gold | 25cmx75cm Gold Décor